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The below list of Magnifying Glass models that have shown to be our most helpful low Vision Aids for those with Macular Degeneration.

Magnifiers make a great a Holiday Gift especially for those with low vision.

M4+LED 4" Inch Round 4x Double Lens LED Illuminated Magnifying Glass   
This is the most powerful 4" magnifying glass we are aware of period! it has double lenses which allow this high magnification for a 4 inch lens. The replaceable LED bulb provides efficient bright light and the large lens provides very good light reflective light transmission. The lens has a very wide field of view and a forgiving focal length for those with not so steady hands. It takes two "C Batteries (not included). Most highly recommended Magnifying Glass for all stages of AMD Macular Degeneration.
Made In The USA
Add to Cart Price: $47.99 $38.99

2"x4" 3x Lighted Magnifying Glass
"Ambidextrous" lightweight 2" x 4" rectangular LED lighted magnifying glass/reader, with 3x Lens. This for early-intermediate AMD )Macular Degeneration. Uses two "AA" batteries (included).
Made In The USA 
Add to Cart Price: $35.99 $28.00

WL-2.25 LED    
2.25" 4.5x Round 8 LED Lighted Magnifying Glass
"This magnifying glass has 8 LED lights for excellent illumination and light transmission and no bifocal 4.5x lens for wide field of view. Both are ideal for initial and middle stage Macular Degeneration. Bright illumination helps with those who required excellent assisted illumination. Uses two "3 AAA" batteries (included).

Add to Cart Price: $30.99  $24.00

WL-2.75 LED    2.75" 3x Round 8 LED Magnifying Glass With Light Same as WL-2.25 except has 2.75" 3x lens

Add to Cart Price: $30.99  $24.00

TM-7LED   7x Illuminated Aspheric Lens Torch Magnifying
Hi power 7x-50mm aspheric lens magnifying glass with a fixed focus just set it on the surface or type and its brilliantly magnified and illuminated with and LED light. Requires 2 "C" batteries not included.
.Add to Cart Price: $28.99 $22.99

8x Double Lighted Pocket Magnifying Glass
Hi power 1.25" square double lens pocket magnifying glass 8x. Ideal for reading small labels and type. Snap off second lens and you have a 4x pocket magnifying glass.  Uses two “AAA” batteries (included).
Made In The USA 
Add to Cart Price: $26.99 $18.99

LED-7A 50mm or 1.9"  
7x Round ?Lens LED Lighted Pocket Magnifying Glass
Hi power round lens pocket magnifying glass 7x. Ideal for reading small labels and type. Ideal for middle to advanced stage Macular Degeneration  Uses two “AAA” batteries (included).

Add to Cart Price: $20.99 $14.99

Aspheric 5x Professional Round Magnifying Glass
Precision professional quality high-power magnifying glass – this 2” 5x aspheric lens assures optimum edge-to-edge clarity. Often used in medical use. Comes with leatherette storage case. Ideal for initial and middle stage Macular Degeneration Our Finest Quality Magnifying Glass. 
Made In The USA 
Add to Cart Price: $32.99 $21.99

1.25" Swing Pocket Magnifying Glass with 6x Lens
1.25” or 35mm 6x Aspheric Lens Swing Pocket magnifying glass. Powerful 6x pocket magnifying glass, ideal portable or field magnifying glass with leatherette zippered storage case. Ideal Magnifying Glass for initial and middle stage Macular Degeneration Swings open open for use and closed for storage. 
Add to Cart Price: $18.99 $13.99

High-Power Double lens 2-1/4” Magnifying Glass
Light weight professional quality double lens handheld magnifying glass with comfortable grip handle. Sturdy construction. Ideal for reading very small type yet double lens allows a wider field of view, ideal for initial and middle stage Macular Degeneration. Leatherette carrying case included. Hard Coated Lens*
Made In The USA 
Add to Cart Price: $44.99 $32.00

3" 2.75x Round Handheld Magnifying Glass
3” Round 2.75x Round Magnifying Glass, Excellent USA made magnifying glass with storage case for basic inspection and reading use and initial stage Macular Degeneration.
Made In The USA 
Add to Cart Price: $19.99 $14.00

2"x4" Rectangular Magnifying Glass Hand Lens
2"x4" Rectangular magnifying glass. No handle design allows it to be carried in the pocket.. Excellent USA made magnifying glass with storage case for inspection and reading use,rectangular shape allows for a wide field of view.
Made In The USA 
Add to Cart Price: $28.99 $19.99



AHM-5 Aspheric 5x Magnifying Glass Hand Lens
Precision high-power special purpose magnifying glass – this easy to handle 2” 5x aspheric lens assures optimum edge-to-edge clarity,a no handle design allows it to fits nicely in a pocket for easy use. Comes in leatherette pouch.
Made In The USA 
Add to Cart Price: $27.99 $19.99

Dome Magnifying Glass
Dome magnifying glasses naturally illuminate by being solid optical grade acyclic and allowing light to transmit through all sides. Their fixed focus design and high light transmission have show to be very effective with most AMD Macular Degeneration stages for reading newspapers, mail etc. Just put the Dome Magnifying glass directly down on the flat surface for 4x magnification, and easily glide it across the surface. All Dome

Add to Cart Price:$145.00 – DM-4.5 
3.5x magnification (4.5 inch dome magnifying glass) NEW! 
Add to Cart Price:$58.00 $44.95– DM-3.5
3.5x magnification (3.5 inch dome magnifying glass)
Add to Cart Price:$45.00 $31.95– DM-3
4x magnification (3 inch dome magnifying glass)
Add to Cart Price:$35.00 $24.99 DM-2.5
4x magnification (2.5 inch dome magnifying glass)
Add to Cart Price:$19.99 $13.49– DM-2
4x magnification (2 inch dome magnifying glass)

TV-2X    Television TV Glasses
2x Aspheric style lens allow for Hands Free Magnified viewing of objects beyond 10 feet. Close focusing allows for view of objects further out, can be used for Television viewing, theatre, sporting events, or other distance viewing. Comes with zippered carrying case.

Add to Cart Price: $64.99 $49.99

HV-1   LED Headband Style Headset magnifying glass with 4 large lenses for improved light transmission and wide field of view.
Headband Headset style magnifying glass with LED illumination and 4 difference lenses. Can be used over prescription lenses, has adjustable angle lens/light assembly makes it easy to acquire comfortable working angle and large lenses allow for wide field of view. Four exchangeable lenses included 1x, 1.5x, 2.5x, 3.5x
Add to Cart Price: $39.99 $26.99

BL3   3x Close viewing Binocular loupe Medical Magnifying Glass Style
Worn like glasses, thus leaving the hands free. These include pre focus medical loupe style construction at a reasonable price. Includes inter-pupillary (IPD) and nose bridge adjustments. It has a comfortable 3x magnification with a working distance of 12-18 inches -Constructed with high quality glass optics and metal alloy lens frames. Comes in padded protective carrying case with lens polishing cloth. Suitable for the vision impaired and a value priced option to professional binocular loupes for dental assistants and physicians.
Focal length is approx 15 inches, working distance of 12-18 inches.
Add to Cart Price: $164.99 $119.99

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